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Career gear for a stylish woman who knows

caroline-issa-and-lord-jason-scott Jason Allan Scott Talking to the most stylish woman on the planet about career gear, here are 10 tips to help you with your career gear, here are 10tips to help you with your career gear.

As you know I have had the great pleasure of meeting/working and hosting some amazing people in my time in the wonderful world of events and the woman in the image above with me is no different. If Chanel made management consultants, they would look like Issa. That is Caroline Issa. The most photographed woman in the world, a woman born in Montreal to a Chinese mother and a half-Lebanese, half-Iranian father, she combines brains with a very multi-cultural beauty. Armed with a degree in business from Wharton, she took a job at a consultancy firm in San Francisco. Clients in the consumer brand sector converted her into a globe-trotting business adviser (she has lived in Seattle, Texas and Singapore) until she was introduced to a company called Tank , who were producing a quarterly magazine in London where we met.

Recently at a FASTFORWARD15 meeting the amazing woman in our mentoring and coaching group mentioned that business attire was an important issue. Immediately I thought of Caroline Issa as she is a great ambassador: she’s the executive fashion director of Tank, editor-in-chief of BECAUSE magazine (a digital fashion start-up she describes as “glamorous dim sum”) and fashion director of the Tank Form consulting agency. In the meantime she has left an unfailingly chic sartorial footprint on street style blogs worldwide.

It all sounds exhausting, but Caroline is sanguine: “Owning a business means your job is multi-faceted and as we have a small, but tight, team, I cover a lot of different ‘roles’ on a daily basis.” Call the Avengers – we have a superwoman in our midst.

But lets talk office attire and career gear: As we all know every office is different, but we think these hard-and-fast fashion rules are applicable to almost any workplace setting, in London or else where. Go ahead and check out our handy wardrobe guide to ensure you’re not the reason HR is sending out that dress code refresher:

Rule 1: Your neckline should never be lower than 4 inches below your collarbone.

Rule 2: Sleeveless tops should extend to the edges of your shoulders. No spaghetti straps allowed!

Rule 3: When in doubt, wear pumps.

Rule 4: Jeans necessitate more formal pairings, like a blazer and smart oxfords.

Rule 5: Make sure all items are pressed and as wrinkle-free as possible.

Rule 6: Don’t go overboard with print mixing. A subtle stripe and floral is on point.

Rule 7: If you wear a slightly sheer top, make sure to top it with a blazer. Wear a camisole underneath to be extra safe.
Rule 8: The safest hemline is at the knee. Never go shorter than a few inches above the knee.
Rule 9: If you want to wear a bold piece like printed pants, balance it with polished items, like a crisp white blouse.

This is the last rule but the most important as it applies to everything in life, but particularly in the professional world. Why? Well, nothing smells worse than a phony; we’re all for the “fake it till you make it” philosophy, but there is a big difference between exuding confidence and lying about it. You should never pretend to be something you’re not, particularly in business, because you will be caught eventually, and no one wants to see that happen. Push it forward with your own, distinct personality and skill set. There’s nothing more attractive than that, and you’re the only one with that combination. It’s a win-win situation.

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