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Jason, Lordy. JAS…what is it EXACTLY you do?

What a week, every time I have been called to an event recently or asked to speak at one I have been asked the same question. Even from people who have known me for years and years. And the question is, ” Jason, what is it exactly you do?” ha ha.

So here we go in long form:

Lord Jason Scott is an Events Expert and Venue sales and marketing for events specialist! *(I also help startups launch and help brands grow)*

Jason Allan Scott, AKA Lord Jason Scott, is an events expert and entrepreneurial consultant in the Lifestyle, Hospitality and MICE ( Meetings Incentive Events and Conferences) market his passion is selling your business and creating your brand. It’s because of this passion that he started his consultancy, Hollywood Inc. (because Hollywood is the best sold venue on the planet).

With years of experience both in the hospitality industry and sales and marketing roles, he has an approachable yet professional image. Well known for his online persona “Lord Jason Scott” through his blogs and tweets as much as his hosting of incredible events from The Dark Knight, Mama Mia and Avatar, to name a few, his longevity within the sector proves his capability. Constantly adapting and creating a fresh, creative approach he makes work fun and successful! As for connections, he is well connected – relationships are the key to his success.

What about his services and SaaS product I keep hearing about? 

Creating leads for venues looking for events in a city near you.

Creating leads for venues looking for events in a city near you. Before you launch into selling your venue to the world, you first need to know to whom you’re marketing. Jason Allan Scott owns the proprietary software that does just this, the Events Lead Generator ( With over 9 years experience doing just this for venues all over the world, Scott knows that this can be a daunting task when you are first starting out or even for someone with years of experience, and we see a lot of venues that don’t know where to get their leads and to who to speak to first. Scott Sa, will curate and check through thousands of data through his ELG to find you the right fit for your needs.But Scott does not have to just sell you the software and just leave you to sift through the leads yourself. Instead ELG can help you narrow down your search, so you get the best possible data for your needs. ELG can filter by category, area, audience size and time of year status. If you know exactly who you want to target, get in touch today and we can help you reach the right people.


The scary T word ‘telesales!”.

So many people shiver with fear when they begin to imagine cold calling and the possible reality of being hung up on. Jason Allan Scott works very differently. The software, ELG, qualifies every contact before you even pick up the phone, due to this Scott has seen much higher success rates than other ‘cold calling approaches’.

Jason and his team can also teach you to tele-market to help you raise venue awareness,  in key target markets and even help you offer enhances customer service by being your representative.

If you want to go the telesales route to sell your venue directly, Jason offers qualified appointment setting, direct phone sales to increase your revenue., he currently has several venues and brands that he does this for. By using a professional telemarketing person like Jason, you are freeing up your time while still increasing productivity.

Proactive sales

As with all things in life, sometimes it’s better to get a professional. Sales teams can be expensive to employ as full time staff, especially if your business model means you only need them for a few months in the year. I offer my services; all waiting to help you promote your venue and sell your space.


Jason is a Founding mentor to the FastForward15  initiative and is a mentor to many other event professionals. So you don’t have to outsource your sales. With Jason who is a proven award winning highly qualified event sales trainers, he can help you get on your feet and learn the tricks of the trade for yourself. He can teach your existing sales teams everything from the basics to offering support and refresher training. Learn how to prospect effectively, question buyers thoroughly and how to use body language to communicate your message with supportive, experienced sales people. Scott also offers one to one sessions and business mentoring with your professional consultants to help you get the most out of your business. Use Scott as a sounding board or ask advice about your sales strategies, marketing plans or cash flow, all from the comfort of your own office.

The Podcast

The GuestList Podcast is a podcast show where Jason Allan Scott talks to event professionals and those people who are the event itself, not to mention sharing some of his own adventures from the trenches and behind the velvet rope.

Lord Jason Scotts pocast talking to people in events and those that are events. Time to lift the velvet rope... #Eventprofs

Lord Jason Scott’s podcast – Talking to people in events and those that are events. Time to lift the velvet rope… #Eventprofs

Of course, I also write blogs, a book is coming soon, and I speak at events, so keep an eye out for me coming…everywhere soon.

@Penthouselord on Twitter and Instagram and Lord Jason Scott
website coming soon

This is my look when asked to explain something

This is my look when asked to explain something


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