Podcast Episodes

Season 3 – Episode 12: Metron Co-Founder Craig Capurso

craig-capurso“I was 3 weeks from broke!” and other surprises from fitness entrepreneur, Craig Capurso is a Wall St oil trader, IFBB Pro physique competitor, Team Bodybuilding.com spokes model, Ex Cellucor athlete, fitness model and co-founder of Metron a new fitness platform like no other. His new website is called www.metron.io and he talks to us about the future of fitness, startup land, physique, crossfit and giving back. We talk about his reason for leaving silicone valley and whats next for this incredible athlete and business man only on The Guestlist podcast, not to mention we have a special deal for all listeners- listen closely to find out what that is.

Season 3 – Episode 11: The 2nd Longest Serving Member of the Eden Family of Caterers – Nick Mead

nick meadNick Mead The 2nd longest serving member of the Eden family talks Eden Caterers and more only on the show.
Nick and team have been creating stylish, scrumptious and sustainable food since 1993.Across all three parts of the business, Eden’s commitment to sustainability and the environment goes beyond the lip-service many companies pay to green issues. Indeed, they won the ‘Independent Sustainable Caterer of the Year’ award, at the Food Legacy Awards ceremony. When we meet Mead he is open about his job, company and to answering the listeners letters. Mead came to catering after years as a youth football coach (he worked for Spurs, despite being an Arsenal fan, he tells me regretfully). There are now 27 full-time employees, as well as hundreds of temporary staff hired through Off to Work and other agencies. The Waterloo premises are stretched to capacity: there’s an industrial kitchen on site, with all the extras that requires; as well as an office space and an upstairs staff room, complete with pool table.Eden’s buyers also try to shop locally, using hens from Gloucester and beef from Essex, and they stick to a seasonal list of ingredients across the company. Find out about his mind set, habits, mantras and more here.

Season 3 – Episode 9: If Only This Shopping List Was Magic


“If only this shopping list was a magic list that told me everything in order.” Entrepreneur Will Broome believes he has the perfect riposte to this dilemma with his new app Ubamarket. Dubbed ‘the smart shopping list’, the app, which has been four years’ in the making, claims to solve some of the biggest issues consumers complain about when trudging through the supermarket for groceries, and provides a number of enticing commercial benefits to retailers too. Speaking to Jason on the cusp of Ubamarket’s launch, Will described how the inspiration came like a bolt of lighting in the middle of a humdrum visit to his local supermarket. “About five years ago I get back from work and my wife would text me a shopping list,” he explained. “I’d go into the store and I’d have this long shopping list on my phone and I’d be knackered anyway. I’d go in like a typical bloke, I was going from aisle 6 to aisle 9 to aisle 4 back to aisle 6 again.” Hear more only on the GuestList podcast!

Season 3 – Episode 6: Jason Prepares for his Speech on ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN EVERYTHING YOU DO

Jason prepares for his Speech on ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN EVERYTHING YOU DO, for Live Meeting Amsterdam. The Experience Conference in Amsterdam on 22 August. The conference, which looks at trends within the European experience marketing industry, will also include speakers from across Europe such as Bjorn Wigforss, Marcom Director Events, Microsoft. Jason is nervous that his talk isn’t good enough and his hung over wife gives notes. His talk shares the 9 components of entrepreneurilsm he has learned from his own journey and this show. The Experience Conference is concerned with encouraging more face-to-face interaction between consumers, businesses and brands. This is the first time the conference has taken place and will tackle subjects around brand activation, experience marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Season 3 – Episode 5: Michelle Ovens, National Campaign Director for Small Business Saturday

Michelle Ovens, National Campaign Director for Small Business Saturday talks small business and how having a positive attitude is the answer. Michelle has been the driving force behind Small Business Saturday since it was first introduced in the UK in 2013. A strategist by trade, she holds an MBA from London Business School and has spent many years helping businesses develop and succeed. In addition to Small Business Saturday, she worked closely with Lord Young, until recently the Prime Minister’s adviser on enterprise, on his 2014 report Enterprise For All, looking specifically at encouraging universities to support entrepreneurship. She is also a judge for the National Business Awards. More information about Small Business Saturday is available at www.smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/smallbusinesssaturdayuk and on Twitter @smallbizsatuk.