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Season 5 – Episode 01: Hero, Hustler, SECRET AGENT?

Hero, Hustler, SECRET AGENT?

So the man being billed as the real-life black James Bond fails the authenticity test at the first hurdle as he does not start with “King..Carlton, King!”. But in every other way he is the genuine article. He can pump 10 bullets into six targets with a Glock 17 in less than 10 seconds – and that also includes replacing the magazine halfway through.

He has criss-crossed the globe tracking down the bad guys.

And his impressive list of close protection assignments includes former PMs Tony Blair and Sir John Major and President Bill Clinton.

Now retired after 28 years with the Met Police, Special Branch and MI6, his close-cropped hair is greying and only the bone-crusher handshake hints at a life in active service.

King has dropped into the Heroes and Hustlers HQ to discuss his memoirs that are being published as an eBook entitled Black Ops, The Incredible True Story Of A British Secret Agent.

Black Ops, The Incredible True Story Of A British Secret Agent is available in eBook format and is available this week in hardback from all good book stores*

He who is not sage and wise, humane and just, cannot use secret agents. And he who is not delicate and subtle cannot get the truth out of them.

-Sun Tzu

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