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Season 5 – Episode 5: Shaa Lysa Wasmund MBE – A British Business Woman

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Shaa Lysa Wasmund MBE

In her career so far she has been the boss of numerous dotcom companies, a property developer, the head of a public relations firm, a best-selling author, and even a one-time personal assistant for former British boxer Chris Eubank.

Who received her break from Brendon Burchard, one of the most watched personal development trainers in the world and a Top 100 Most Followed Public Figure on Facebook.

After graduating from the London School of Economics, I became the only licensed female boxing manager in the world, working with Chris Eubank. I then worked with Sir James Dyson for about five years, when he was still operating from his kitchen table. I then went on to set up my own PR agency.

What I really want to focus on now is online education, which is a huge growth area, so I teach people how to create online businesses with The Freedom Collective.

Hero Trait: Honesty and Transparency! Whatever we teach has to be actionable, practical and do-able!

Focus on YOU, forget the competition! Find your Tribe. Don’t be a cookie-cutter of what is already out there. Big Believer of “ALWAYS BE LEARNING! COLLABORATE WITH OTHERS AND COMPETE WITH YOURSELF!”

Missed out on the sale of BEBO to AOL who acquired social networking site Bebo for $850 million in cash.


The Magic Of Thinking Big Reissue by David J Schwartz
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Find her on:

Shaa Wasmund on Facebook

The Freedom Collective

What time do you get up in the morning? 5am.

Which app couldn’t you live without? WhatsApp, or Facebook – definitely communication-based ones.

What’s your top way to unwind in the evening? A run in the park, and then a hot bath while watching Vikings with a carefully positioned laptop. I’ve applied to be an extra in the next series. I want to be a shieldmaiden. I’ve started martial arts training.

What was your first job? Cleaning out stables when I was 14.

What did you always want to be when you were growing up?I wanted to have financial freedom so that I could make my own choices.

What’s a hot tip for a new company? Not a specific one, but I think we’re going to see a lot of companies pop up around meditation.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Never live your life by other people’s limitations.

What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve been given? A famous advertising leader said this to a 26-year-old in front of me: “You need to focus on fixing all of your weaknesses between now and 40, because maybe after 40 you will be able to be a success”. For me that’s a recipe for disappointment and disaster.

What’s your motto? It’s never just business; it’s always about people.

What scares you? Sharks. I would never go diving in a cage with them.

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