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Season 5 – Episode 7: Business SUPERSIZER – Luke Harvard

 “I help ambitious small to mid-size businesses to SUPERSIZE their growth using acquisitions.” – Luke Havard


Luke Havard is a business investor, advisor and serial entrepreneur with a deep passion and talent for buying, scaling & selling global businesses and advising and partnering with others to do the same.

Luke specialises in partnering with SME’s and investors, with ambition to grow by acquisition, (but lack the time and or the expertise to source great deals), who have access to capital to complete off-market transactions between $5m – $50m in size.

Luke is the founder of Disentis Group a boutique M&A firm and one of four partners in a global private equity consortium that helps small to mid-size companies to supersize their business growth through acquisition.

Are you interested in exploring the option of buying, scaling or even selling your business?

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