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Season 5 – Episode 11: (Part 1 of 2) Music to Hospitality—It’s Always Been About the Experience for Danielle Kimmey Torrez Chief Executive Officer of

Hear Jason’s best southern accent as he explains what Experience Global is.

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, EXP Global delivers intelligent experience training solutions to hospitality companies nationwide. Founded on the 5 Disney Principles of Service, EXP Global works with employees from maintenance to the C-Suite, driving cultural change that improves retention and creates repeatable and measurable customer experiences.

( Joy) Danielle Kimmey Torrez serves as Chief Executive Officer for Experience Global and leads the relational partnerships, strategy, technology growth, organizational processes, and sales and marketing for the EG team. She brings fifteen years of leadership experience, with a focus on strategic partnerships and brand identity.

“Customers remember each human interaction from their experience with hotel, restaurant, and events staff. That’s why we founded EXP.”

Her career in music taught her the value of creating memorable experiences. Every show required a well-choreographed, well-executed performance that they had to repeat night after night, treating each time they stepped onstage as if they were auditioning for the first time. She recognized that translates to the hospitality industry. Each staff-to-customer interaction defines the experience and creates a lot of data. The market needed a data-driven, customer experience solution that translates into measurable insights and outcomes.

Experience Global combines a tech platform with in-person training of health system and facility employees. The company has been working at Florida-based Adventist Health System — where it has trained almost 3,500 people in 15 months — and a South Carolina retirement center, among others, focusing on rallying workers around company culture and values. A small bump in employee satisfaction on that front, CEO Danielle Torrez told the Post, generates a big increase in the patient satisfaction scores that are becoming a growing part of reimbursement criteria.

Danielle, is highly energized by investing in people, goal setting and achievement, brand strategy, online marketing initiatives, creative collaborations and teamwork. Her favorite things in this world are people and pizza. She currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Experience Global.

How have you balanced utilizing both creativity & business savvy in your career?

Growing up, I thought of creativity and business as two completely different spheres. I was so wrong. Once I began to utilize my creative side in business I started to see opportunity in every department of my company! These days, I take time to dream and ideate before making any big business decisions. Total game changer.

COMMUNITY: Nashville Entrepreneur Centre
TECHNOLOGY: Google – Apps, Chat and Slack.
BOOK: Practicing Greatness: 7 Disciplines of Extraordinary Spiritual Leaders by Reggie McNeal Based on his extensive experience as coach and mentor to many thousands of Christian leaders across a broad spectrum of ministry settings, Reggie McNeal helps spiritual leaders understand that they will self-select into or out of greatness.
FILM: Clueless
BIGGEST LEARNINGS: Habits make you successful: Consistency is KING!
BIGGEST TEACHINGS: Being revenue Positive. Proven, Data. I’ve proven the concept. Making it hard to argue with.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

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